The Mahaguru returns to his abode

Mission accomplished he returned
To the higher dimension from where he came.
His spiritual legacy continues to thrive
As multitudes are still served in his name.

Gurudev - the Guru of Gurus

In 1991, aged 53, Gurudev decided to leave his body to continue his spiritual pursuits through the afterlife. He chose July 28th as the day of his exit from the earthly realm. His mortal remains were laid to rest at his samadhi at Neelkanth Dham at Najafgarh, New Delhi.

Gurudev had supervised the construction of his final resting place and prophesised that people who visited the Dham (dwelling) would find relief from their suffering. True to his words, Neelkanth Dham is a spiritually charged place where people continue to be helped and healed. Many people claim to have sighted Gurudev here, decades after he left his body.

Sometime in August 1991, three of Gurudev’s devotees–Narinder ji, Varinder ji, and Saroj ji–visited the Saharanpur based custodians of the Brighu Samhita for a reading of Gurudev. Astonishingly, Sage Brighu had predicted their arrival for this reading five thousand years earlier!

This is what Sage Brighu had to say– ‘On the snow-capped elevation of Mount Kailash in a spiritual dimension called Shiv Lok, live hundreds of highly evolved beings who are ganns of Shiv. These ganns descend to the earthly realm to fulfil missions cloaked in secrecy. During their time on earth, they keep their identity and purpose a secret. When their work on earth is completed, they return to their spiritual abode.’

Sage Brighu describes Gurudev as a ‘divya aatma (enlightened spirit) who descended to earth to fulfil a spiritual mission. He lived the life of an ordinary man who never revealed his true identity or purpose to anyone. He was called many reverential names in this incarnation, but no one called him what he was–Shiv Swaroop (a Shiv manifestation).’

‘The Ashvin Kumaras (known as the physicians of the Gods) assisted him in special healings. He appointed 11 disciples besides 5 ganns to carry forward his legacy upon his return to Shiv Lok. However, he returns to his Shiv Dham at the north of Hastinapur every day to serve people in a metaphysical form.’

Interestingly, the larger boundary of Hastinapur referred to by Sage Brighu includes modern-day Najafgarh.

Being a man of mystery, Gurudev never revealed who his chosen 11 disciples and 5 ganns were. In fact, so secretive was he that even Sage Brighu remains unaware of their identity!

Before Gurudev left his body, he completed his preordained mission of spiritually knighting around hundred disciples. He remoulded our personalities, attributes, and aspirations, leading us on a journey from the physical to the metaphysical. He inspired countless others on the path to spiritual evolution through his conduct and philosophy.

Gurudev’s seva continues at multiple sthans that he and his disciples set up in numerous cities across the globe. At present, there are around 30-40 sthans that continue to function in the same manner they did when Gurudev was in his physical form.

The disciples he trained have gained decades of experience and are handling a lot more independently. In turn, they are training a younger generation of spiritual knights in the making.

The cheese has matured to cheddar!

T0 date, Gurudev appears in people’s dreams and visions healing them of maladies, inspiring them to evolve, and facilitating their re-connection with the divine within.