The Mahaguru Awakens

When he gave it all up, he gained.
It’s a spiritual paradox, my friend.
He knew richness lay not in gold
but in becoming a means to someone’s end.

Buddhe Baba is said to have advised Gurudev in 1970 to discharge all his siddhis at the Har Ki Pauri. These were the siddhis he had acquired while studying under Dasua’s Sitaram ji.

When Gurudev immersed his hands in the river to rid himself of his spiritual attainments, one of the siddhis asked him not to let her go, promising him whatever he desired in exchange. Unmoved by temptation and steadfast in following Buddhe Baba’s command, Gurudev walked out of the river, stripped of the powers he had accumulated over the years. Surprisingly, the loss of his powers marked the beginning of his advent as a mahaguru.

Advent of the Mahaguru

On the orders of Buddhe Baba, Gurudev discharges all of his siddhis at Har ki Pauri

In 1973, Gurudev and his team set up camp in the small town of Kurwai in Madhya Pradesh. Nagpal ji, who accompanied the mahaguru on this trip, remembered that a man named Dhanna on whose land the team had set up camp was running a high fever. When he finally showed up after four days, he mentioned his illness in passing. Gurudev sprinkled jal on him, placed a hand on his forehead, and within a minute, Dhanna felt better.

Another man approached Gurudev the next day at Dhanna’s behest. He asked for relief from severe abdominal cramps. When Gurudev rubbed the man’s stomach, the cramping stopped. From then on, an increasing number of people began to visit the camp, searching for solutions to their problems.

The team moved to Ashok Nagar, 70 kilometres from Kurwai, a few days later. People arrived at the camp in bullock carts to meet Gurudev as word spread about his miraculous touch. Those who came with physical or mental ailments were partially or wholly cured before leaving the campsite.

Many years later, during a conversation with a few disciples, Gurudev mentioned that the Kurwai public healing began with Buddhe Baba’s command to perform nisvarth seva. Gurudev was initially hesitant to help and heal a few people he knew had done many wrongs in the past. Buddhe Baba, on the other hand, instructed him to serve without prejudice. And so he did.

Gurudev was thirty-five years old when he performed the first public healing in Kurwai. The prophecy of his emergence as ‘someone like Shiv’ had come true.

Before this incident, the symbols of OM and jyot, representing the spiritual powers he had acquired, appeared on his hands. The OM also appeared on his chest and back.

You can read more about the spiritual powers that manifested in him in the section, Supernature.

Gurudev became a temple personified
due to the manifestation of multiple powers.
Worshipping him was the worship
of a walking-talking Shivalay.

Numerous people paid their respects to the spiritual energies that resided in Gurudev by praying to him. Occasionally, he bestowed these energies and associated symbols on his disciples and devotees. These powers would serve and benefit millions in the years that followed his awakening as the mahaguru.