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Gurudev - the guru of gurs

Had Jules Verne met Gurudev, he would have retitled his book, ‘Around the world in 8 minutes’. That is the time it took the Mahaguru to navigate the globe astrally.

Here was a man who knew the shortcuts to different loks. He took us to visit these dimensions and handheld us as we experimented with this new medium of travel. In time, some of my guru bhais, and I became experienced in astral travel and learned many secrets that helped formulate our attitudes and policies towards life and death.

In my OBEs (out-of-body experiences), I travelled to France to meet Gurudev on an old, almost dilapidated bridge over the river Seine, while on another occasion, I went with Gurudev to another river where I was introduced to someone he regarded highly on a wooden raft ride together. He took my guru bhai on an out-of-body experience where he came face to face with the triad of energies–Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar.

How did a simple man from a tiny hamlet find the astral fuel to fly faster than a Concorde?

Gurudev didn’t have a degree in spiritualism from an Ivy League College. He was a poor academic who struggled to get good grades. His wife recalled he only read detective fiction. Yet, he tapped into the inward flow of cosmic knowledge and articulated the path to self-realization in simple words.

No one knew the subject matter better than him. His knowledge wasn’t based on reading the scriptures but realizing them intuitively.

Gurudev’s training was experiential. He revealed the secrets of spiritualism to us but kept some cards close to his chest. He was a man of secrets after all. He held our hand but never spoon-fed us. He gave us enough to help us make our spiritual discoveries through self-learning and personal experience.

The short sentences through which he imparted his lessons became revelations decades later. He knew that one day the next generation would crack the code.

He chose a life of difficulty bereft of luxury because he knew a little secret that I am sharing with you today–luxury is an expense in spiritualism. Gurudev’s sole intent was to conserve his energy so it could be used to make the lives of other beings, better and richer. We too became benefactors of his savings and that enabled us to serve thousands in his name.

Gurudev’s spiritual savings made him wealthier than the sum of the wealthiest men on earth and beyond. And his earnings were in the most valuable currency of all–After-death-dollars!

How did a simple man with so little, achieve so much in such little time?

It can be argued that Gurudev had a brilliant scriptwriter to assist him in the creation of this spiritual blockbuster. He had a mission and destiny conspired to help him fulfil it. However, the simple answer to this question is–He looked within.

Gurudev always said that our true essence was realized. He once told a disciple that when one goes to a temple to plead for the fulfilment of one’s desire, it isn’t the energy of the temple that provides a solution. It is the spark of supreme consciousness-the aatmathat resides within his being that fulfils that wish.

I always believed the healing and miracles that happened under his watch were incidental. His true purpose was to remind us of who we truly are. To this end, he fanned the flames of our divinity till we realized we were divine. We were instructed to never bow in front of any deity. We could show them respect but never view ourselves as inferior to them. In time, what we saw in the mirror changed from an imperfect reflection to a divine one.

Gurudev awakened the guru tattva (an aspect of a guru) in all of us. He then used us as conduits to awaken that tattva in many more.

His philosophical path was simple. The destination was spiritual oneness and eventually the dissolution of the self.

He gave us a map that led inwards, back to the source.

With his kripa (grace), we found our way.

So can you.