Gurudev - the Guru of GurusThe spirit is made up of ether and so is subtle in its vibration. The physical body can magnetise subtle vibrations far more effectively than the spirit can. Thus, the physical body can help its spiritual counterpart by multiplying and magnifying its energy far quicker!

The purpose of human existence is to amplify the energy required by its spirit when it must exist purely in its non-physical incarnation after a person’s death.

The spirit’s energy manifests as the electromagnetic field or aura surrounding the physical body. The larger your aura, the more powerful your spirit.

The aura acts as a protective body shield. When weakened, it makes a person vulnerable to infection/disease and attack by negative spirits.

Spiritual hygiene is about specific practices that support the maintenance and magnification of your aura.

I am highlighting the mahaguru’s practices with a lot more explanation factored in, although I must confess that when Gurudev told us what needs to be done, there were no reasons provided. Only suggestions for the enrichment of our spiritual energies.


Almost all devotees of Gurudev wear a copper bracelet or Kada. Usually, the kada is blessed by a guru before being worn. In blessing the kada, the guru voluntarily infuses some of his energy into it. When it is worn, the guru’s aura circulates within the individual’s aura, thereby connecting the individual to a higher source of consciousness. Copper, being a good conductor of electricity, minimises energy leaks from the body, protecting the aura.

While camped at Srinagar in Uttarakhand, Gurudev instructed me to drive his boss, Pratap Singh ji, to Dehradun. We were to visit Pratap Singh ji’s sister-in-law, who was critically ill. On meeting her, I decided to get her a kada but could not locate a jeweller to make it. Then I decided to take her photograph to Gurudev so that she could be treated. By the time I arrived in Gurgaon, the mahaguru had returned from Srinagar but was in paath. Many attempts to meet him were unsuccessful for almost three days. Finally, unable to wait any longer, I took the lady’s photograph and slid it under the door of his room. He saw that and opened the door inquiring whose photograph it was. When I told him, he responded, “She died last night”. I was shaken. He was visibly upset. He told me he had sent me on a mission to help her and asked me why I did not think of giving her my kada so that her life could be saved? I realised, if I had made her wear my kada, I would have automatically linked her to the guru’s protective grace.


Gurudev was careful about eating food cooked by someone. While being prepared, food can be affected by the cook’s thoughts and mental disposition and by the aura transmitted through his/her eyes. A negative aura not only infects the food but also disturbs its consumer. At the sthans, the seva of kitchen management is usually given to those with higher levels of thinking.

When Gurudev wanted to share his energy with other people, he would give them his sipped water to drink or ask them to eat from his used plate. When a saintly person allows you this liberty, he transfers some of his aura to you. As a person’s saliva is a carrier of his aura, drinking or eating from his used glass or plate can infuse his aura in you. A powerful person’s aura can boost your aura. But if you eat from the used plate of someone under the influence of negative energies, your aura can get infected with that negativity.

Another way by which Gurudev transferred some of his aura was by giving us his used clothes to wear. He even specified the number of days we would have to wear them.

To maximise the effect of planetary rays on his aura, the mahaguru preferred to wear specific colours on certain days of the week. He mostly wore white on Mondays, yellow on Thursdays and, black and white on Saturdays. Browns on Tuesdays, blues on Wednesdays, greens on Fridays and red on Sundays were also his recommendations.

Usually, he preferred wearing half-sleeved shirts and open sandals. He kept his arms and feet bare because it helped him sense other ethereal energies, including spirits.


A series of restrictions are observed during Thursdays (Guruvar) of every week since the planetary rays of Jupiter are most dominating on this day. Practices that either disrupt or contaminate your aura must be avoided on this day. Among these are shampooing, massaging or cutting hair, clipping nails, washing clothes, drinking alcohol, consuming non-vegetarian food and sexual indulgences.

Whenever we cut or discard any part of our body, it is an auric loss. While physical hygiene requires hair and nails to be trimmed, spiritual hygiene mandates that the resultant auric loss must be contained. Taking that into account, cut hair and nails must be offered to a flowing stream of water rather than swept from the floor into a trash can. This way, your aura will add to the energy of water and can be considered a repayment of your debt to nature.

When we allow others to enter our space, either physically or mentally, we open ourselves to being influenced by their energy imprints. For that reason, be sure of whom you connect with sexually. Similarly, opt for vegetarianism because removing meat from your diet prevents your aura from being contaminated by lower-order animal energies. Besides, meat-eating is a tamasic practice that clashes with the sattvic attributes of Jupiter’s rays.

Alcohol is a downer since it plays with brain chemistry in a way that your body movements become less cohesive and your mental processes slower. After the initial high of rajas, the tamasic effects of sloppiness, inertia, drowsiness, irritability, etc., take over while sattva reduces.


Aura is the jewel of the spiritual realm and always in demand. The fact that it can be expanded, downsized, disrupted, contaminated and stolen makes it a treasure difficult to conserve and even more so to build continuously.

The mahaguru could take portions of his energy and root them wherever he desired. When he opened sthans, he would store some of his energies there. Over time, those energies would multiply due to the collective energy deposits of the sevadaars and the sthan’s visitors.

Every so often, Gurudev carried his photograph in his pocket when he set out for important missions. In carrying his photo, the mahaguru would take his nirman kaya on critical assignments.

Gurudev taught us to stay low-key. To do what had to be done without gaining recognition. We can walk around in public places and not be recognised because we neither allow media exposure nor our photographs to be published. He wouldn’t let us photograph him. If we defied his instruction and did so discreetly, the camera’s roll would turn out to be blank when developed. It was the same story for many of us! The mahaguru took a lot of trouble to avoid recognition so that he did not have to bear the burden of fame.

(A note of caution: Practitioners of black magic can take your belonging like hair, nails, clothes, shoes, handwritten notes, etc. and use these to cast spells on you. So be very conscious of spiritual hygiene and careful with how you handle and dispense your aura, knowingly or inadvertently).


Technically speaking, your aura is your cosmic currency. It is the measure of your final status in this life and the determinant of the quality of your existence in the afterlife.

The spirit needs its energy to exist, travel and protect itself. It can attain this energy through deeds done in its name, either by itself (in physical form) or by others. This is also why we indulge in seva while alive or do charity in the name of our ancestors. Gurudev suggested that we observe the period of shraddh to serve our ancestral spirits.