Gurudev embodied the miraculous. He could travel astrally, heal remotely, change destiny, control elements, hear the unspoken, understand the unsaid, know the future, parley with deities and become the manifested Shiv. His mission was to find people with potency and convert them into saints.

His life was a showcase of how the impossible was possible. He made many of us traverse from disbelief to belief and become torchbearers of the impossible.

Test your sanity and be amazed by the true story of one of the most powerful saints to have walked the Earth.

The Guru of Gurus

Audio Biography - The Guru of Gurus

If you wish to worship the mahaguru, you may download this high-resolution painting of him by clicking on the image to your left. It is printable and ready to frame. Note: The framed photograph can be mounted or placed at any spot, which is at a level higher than your navel.