This is the story of an extraordinary saint who lived a simple life but rewrote the destiny of multitudes!

The immeasurable cannot be measured in words.
Yet, these are vignettes that must be told.
We rewind to tender memories
of a Mahaguru far greater than we can behold.

The Mahaguru

Gurudev’s story began in the village of Hariana, nestled near the mighty Shivalik mountain range in Punjab, and found closure at Najafgarh, his final resting place.

In this lifetime, Gurudev became one of the most powerful spiritualists to have walked the planet. He inspired and transformed countless lives, including mine, in the five decades he spent on earth, leaving behind a spiritual legacy that continues to throb and thrive.

According to the Brighu Samhita (an ancient astrological book which contains the horoscopes of millions of people) written by Sage Brighu, Gurudev still exists in the icy expanse of Mount Kailash in an astral dimension called Shiv Lok, and returns to his samadhi (resting place) at Najafgarh every day to continue his seva (service) in the metaphysical state.

I am often asked why the story of this powerful Mahaguru who shunned fame in his lifetime, must be told? I hope Jacques Yves Cousteau won’t mind a little twist on his famous words as an answer to that question –

When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, we have no right to keep that story to ourselves.